About us

Digital Wallet (DW) Group is an IT and Fintech service provider established by former Sony management and engineers who created mobile wallet technology (called Near Field Communication (NFC) being used for Apple Pay and Android Pay).


DW has service team/entity in Tokyo Japan, Bulacan Philippines, Ho Chi Minh Vietnam and Tallinn Estonia.  Digital Wallet Corporation (Japan) is our business headquarters for fintech and mobile application services.


DW has two business sections, B2B Applications Service and Remittance Service. 

By B2B Application Service Group, we have provided CRM applications for retail groups, local government, sports organizations, etc.  Our major example is AEON group CRM application, “SmartWAON”, loyalty point program with 8 million active users.

By Remittance Service Group, DW has been providing cross-border wallet service for global citizens with a granted license of remittance By Japanese Government.  The business and technology model of this service is to skip current banking network to transfer money.  DW established direct connection to major corridors of Asian countries. This service No.1 mobile remittance service in Japan and profitable already. 


DigitalWallet Group

Let's overcome global difficulties together

We developed our own CRM service platform and have the technology and know-how that have supported companies of various business types and sizes.

The platform was initially offered to specific partners such as B2B businesses. But, we hope this service can be useful to companies all over the world who are suffering from the effects of the Coronavirus and help acquire and attract customers.

We hope this service can be useful to companies all over the world for acquiring and attracting customers.

With the thought of the development team, we have made our service public so that our platform technologies and services can be used immediately and easily. We hope that many customers come to visit us.

Let’s overcome this difficulty together.


Production example

Point App

The largest point service app in Asia.


Point service that able to collect, use, and share points when shopping with cash or electronic money.


In addition to use at stores, this is a common point service that you can use to share with family or friends, and to use for the region and environment.

Point App

This is the app to attract customers to Japan.

Visit roulette

If you read the QR code at the store, you can turn the roulette that collects your score. Once you have accumulated a certain number of scores, you will win shopping coupons and gift exchange coupons that can be used at stores.

Coupon function

Coupons are delivered by push notification different from the roulette prizes.

View leaflets

You can check leaflets and product information.

Urban Sports App

Japan’s first authentic Urban Sports App. This app provides the latest information of BMX, skateboarding, bouldering, parkour, breakdancing, mountain biking, inline skating and more.

The QR code displayed on the app screen made it possible to enter and exit smoothly at FISE HIROSHIMA 2019 which is Japan’s largest urban sports event.

Remittance app

Smiles App icon 2020
Smiles App screenshot 2020

The most used remittance app with more than 100,000 members in Japan.


80% of customers choose Smiles for the next remittance! It is an overseas money transfer application that thoroughly pursues usability on smartphones

In additionally to Japanese, English, Tagalog, Indonesian, and Vietnamese, the easy-to-read Japanese (Hiragana segmentation) can be translated which featured in NHK morning news so that more foreigners able to understand who living in Japan.

If you have a Japan Post Bank account, you can use “Yucho Direct” account transfer to perform immediate processing from deposit to transfer even on Saturdays, Sundays, and nights, and there is no deposit fee.