You can publish app without development!

You can manage and update high-performance original apps without any program knowledge.

Native iOS and Android apps can be created at the same time.

We will also carry out registration on the APP STORE, Google Play app store! (* Pro plan)

It can be applied to various industries such as restaurants, beauty salons, and corporate sites!

Push delivery

Approach the customer

with automatic push and reservation push function

QR code

QR code reading

Scan the QR code and use roulette and lottery animations

and enjoy points!

Stamp card

A stamp will be added when you visit the store and read the QR!

Coupons will be issued when you collect some!

Add stamp

Coupon function

It is possible to issue coupons to the app.

Collect stamps and issue push distribution coupons!

Customer can get coupons in a joyful way!

Point function

Points can be given and accumulate in the application.

You can use points to draw lots or exchange to coupons!